Mindfulness Facials

Relax your mind and let us take you to a place where all your stress and worries are far away! Our guided mindful facials are as much for your soul as they are for your skin.

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The in-clinic treatment gives you the power to choose your ‘tude.

  • Your Attitude – The way you do life
  • Your Altitude – What you get out of life
  • Your Gratitude – How you acknowledge life’s blessings
  • Your Beautytude – The way you show up to life

Mindfulness Facials


The acknowledgement that the skin is the largest organ in the body and deserves the utmost attention for its preservation. The blessing that modern-day, high-tech actives used in skincare (when used in their functional dose) can trigger a physiological difference and support skin health and cellular behaviour.


The realisation that modern living; the fast-paced world we live in, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, and the pressure of social media (the list does not end here) are challenging our mental health. The fact is that whilst we may be physically present in a moment; mentally we are not. Mindfulness gives the opportunity to stop and pay full attention, to observe your thoughts, feelings, the sensations of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound and to be fully aware of your surroundings.

Power- Tude

he power of being aware of your personal needs and nurturing them, fitting your oxygen mask first so you are better equipped to helps others. The strength of inner-peace; that allows you to be in control of your behaviours, reactions and actions.

The opportunity to choose your TUDE; your attitude, your altitude, your level of gratitude and ultimately your beauty-tude; putting you in life’s driver’s seat, taking the controls so that you may be the best version of you, making the most of life’s blessings.

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Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are
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Signature Mindfulness Facial

Relax and unwind


Mindfulness Facial With Clinical Peel

Choice of facial chosen at time of facial


Unsure what you need? Book a skin consultation and we will tailor a personalised custom treatment based on your skin needs.

We offer a complimentary skin consultation with all skincare purchases or skin treatments. Our advanced digital imaging system shows skin concerns in a different light and is the ONLY way to correctly diagnose what your skin needs.

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