Spray Tanning Perth

Spray tanning Perth is a great way to get a nice bronzed tan without having to sit in the sun all day. At Bare Skin and Beauty our tans are done in a private room designed specifically for spray tanning. We use only the best quality tanning solutions and provide an amazing looking tan.

In as little as 10 minutes you will have a tan applied and be ready to go back home and relax while you wait for it to process or go about your day as usual.

Sunescape Spray Tan

As a standard go to tan we use Sunescape tan but can sometimes offer other tans on request. We highly recommend trying Sunescape before trying another tan because that is our preferred tan. We have used almost every tan on the market and cant get the same results as sunescape offer. These results are mainly due to the high oil content in their tans which nourish and protect your skin while also pushing the tanning active deeper into your skin for a better, longer lasting tan.

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Spray Tanning Perth

  • Highly Trained Therapist – Get a better, more even tan
  • Professional Equipment – We use a professional airbrush compressor setup and 3 extraction unit to ensure a healthier and more quality treatment
  • Dedicated Tanning Room – A private room designed specifically for tanning
  • Vegan, Certified Organic, Australian Made

Spray Tanning Perth Place Holder

Spray Tan Perth

OzTan Spray Tan

Australian made and owned, Oztan combines natural DHA, derived from plant sugars, with a nutrient rich blend of Australian indigenous botanicals and pure essential oils including anti aging Kakadu Plum, healing Grass Lily and rejuvenating organic Macadamia Oil. The result – Oztan’s natural tanning formula is unsurpassed.

Eco Tan Spray Tan

Eco Tan is a environmentally targeted range made to be certified organic, vegan and choosing environmentally responsible options such as green packaging and sustainable ingredients.

Spray Tans Available

Prices are subject to change, for current prices and bookings please book online.

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1 Hr Tan

Medium-dark and extra dark


2 Hr Tan

3 shades of 2hr tan to choose from!


Spray Tan Tuesday Special

(Tuesdays only)


Preparing For Your Spray Tan

There are a few tips to getting a perfect spray tan, While getting a spray tan might seem simple there are issues that can be caused with your prep and aftercare when you get a spray tan. This is mainly due to things like residue on your skin or adjusting the pH of your skin so that the DHA has unusual and unwanted effects on your skin.

Exfoliate & Moisturize your skin – The day before your tan it is important to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and to moisturize your skin paying special attention to elbows, knees, ankles and dry areas to ensure no areas allow more tan to penetrate than other areas (this will result in some areas being darker than others).

On the morning of your tan or no closer than 4 hours prior to your tan have a shower but only use water (no soaps or shampoos especially natural bare soap or castile soap).

Shave or have laser hair removal no closer than 24-48 hours prior so that your pores have time to close.

Do not use high pH soaps such as natural bar soaps or castile soap, oil based products or moisturizers any closer than 24 hours before your tan.

Dont apply moisturizer, deodorant, perfume or makeup on the day of your tan.

Follow these tips and you shouldnt have any issues with your tan

Spray Tanning Aftercare

Bare Skin and Beauty Perth also offer a range of aftercare products that can be purchased online Here or through our Ellenbrook salon.


Why Does Spray Tan Turn Green

There is a lot of misinformation out there about why spray tans turn green and I can only put it down to an old myth. As a Cosmetic Chemist one of the formulas we know how to create is  spray tans.

If you do a quick google search about why spray tan turns green it will say something like “spray tans turn green because the DHA oxidises” or something similar. That isn’t actually completely true and I think it is important to set this straight as soon as possible.

The active ingredient in spray tan is called DHA Dihydroxyacetone. This chemical reacts with your amino acids in your skin to create a brown pigment that is associated with spray tans. This colour can be from yellow to brown depending on the DHA but it cant magically turn your skin green!

FD&C Colourant In Spray Tan

While the green colour can be from oxidation of the spray tanning solution it is not coming from the DHA. If you look closely at a professional spray tan bottle you should notice 3 different numbers, these a called FD&C colourants. These are colourants that have been added to the spray tan so that it can be scene when applied and also create a tanned colour immediately because DHA takes some time to process and the first day of your spray tan colour would actually be rather orange if it didnt have enough colourants in it to hide the first few days of your tan.

The reason you have 3 colours in the tan is because brown is made from red, yellow, and blue so they add red, yellow and blue to make the brown colour that stains your skin (this colour is different to the colour from DHA and only lasts a maximum of a few days).

The colour red is a more unstable colour than blue and yellow so it is more easily oxidized. which means that if your spray tan is slightly oxidized then the colour red will be less available than if it wasn’t oxidized.

Now this is where the AH HA moment comes in. if you remove red from red, yellow and blue, what colour are you left with? green!
so this is where the green colour actually comes from and it is not from the DHA.

So does DHA oxidize? yes it does but if the DHA is oxidized it is more likely that your spray tan will have a fishy smell or simply wont provide a good tan.

The DHA is not responsible for turning green.

What Can Turn You Green In Spray Tan

As per above, oxidation can turn the spray tan solution green (not from DHA but from the FD&C colours) but there are so many more variables that can turn you green after a spray tan. Just like how the red colour can oxidize in the spray tan solution it can also oxidize on the skin. Red FD&C colour is stable at a lower pH which is fine because your skin is a pH of around 5.5 and a spray tan solution should be around pH4 – 6. So this is great, but what happens if you have a shower before your spray tan and use a soap? soaps have a general pH of 9-10! this can temporarily adjust the pH of your skin especially if not washed off correctly and result in your tan going green.

When you leave things like deodorant on and have a tan it will also result in green armpits. This is due to aluminium causing a reaction with the tan which creates this result.

In general, if you have a green tan it is best to assess your prep and aftercare before you start assessing the tan that was applied because there are far more variables in the aftercare and prep work.


DIY Spray Tan Vs Professional Spray Tanning

Why get a professional spray tan when you can just DIY at home? there is nothing wrong with doing a DIY spray tan but its important to know the differences and reason why you would get a professional spray tan. The number 1 reason is the concentration of DHA (the active ingredient in spray tan) in professional tans compared to DIY tanning products. Professional tans will usually use between 12% to 15% DHA whereas DIY will generally only use a maximum of 5% due to cost. Infact according to the european rules self tanning products cant even contain over 10% of DHA because its best left to the professionals when over this amount.

The second most important consideration is the equipment and quality of the tan, while you can rub or spray an aerosol of self tanning lotion on your skin it will never give you as good and even coverage as an experienced tan technician using professional spray tanning equipment.

So why not try Bare Skin and Beauty Perth spray tan for your next event.


Frequently Asked Questions About Spray Tans

Do You Use A Tan Extraction Unit?

As per government recommendations, Bare Skin and Beauty use an extraction unit to remove Tan from the air. This ensures a healthier eqperience and ensures you breath in as little spray tan as possible. We also use reusable spray tan filters to make sure we are as eco friendly and renewable as possible.

Should I Have A Shower Before A Spray Tan?

It is recommended to have a shower prior to a spray tan. This ensures that you have no deodorant residue or other residues on your body. While it might sound like the best option is to shower right before your spray tan, this is not recommended. It is actually best to shower a minimum of 4 hours before your spray tan.

Where Do You Do The Spray Tan?

We offer spray tanning to Ellenbrook, Perth. We have a specialized spray tanning room which is designed to apply the spray tan and ensures adequate light and privacy for your treatment.

Why Should You Wait at least 4 Hours After Showering To Have A Spray Tan?

It is important to ensure your body is cleansed prior to having a spray tan to ensure it is applied as best as possible. It is also important to make sure your skin is the correct pH. When you have a shower your skins pH changes due to the water and the soaps used. The minimum 4 hour gap allows your body to buffer back to the correct pH for the spray tan.

What is spray tanning?

Spray tanning is treatment where a tanning solution is applied to your skin using a spray gun. The solution contains an active ingredient called DHA. DHA reacts with the amino acids in the skin that results in beautifully tanned skin.

More Questions About Spray Tans

How long does spray tanning last?

The results will generally last for 5 to 10 days. Using our spray tan aftercare can make sure the results last as long as possible.

Does spray tanning protect against UV rays?

No, spray tanning does not provide any protection against UV rays. We recommend wearing sunscreen at all times, even after you have a tan.

How do I prepare for a spray tanning session?

To prepare for a spray tanning treatment you should exfoliate your skin and do not use any moisturizers or oils. Have a shower a minimum of 2 hours before your appointment and wear loose, dark clothing to the appointment.

How long does a spray tanning session take?

A spray tanning session typically takes around 15 minutes.

Can I shower after a spray tan?

Because showering will wash off the spray tan and stop it from working, showering straight after is not recommended. We recommend following your therapists advice on when to shower because this will change the results of the spray tan.

Will spray tanning stain my clothes?

Yes spray tanning will stain clothes, its best to wear dark or older clothes. Some regular spray tanners even have dedicated spray tanning dresses.

Can I exercise after a spray tan?

It’s best to avoid sweating or getting wet for at least 4-6 hours after a spray tanning treatment. Sweat can create runs in the spray tan which result in lines when the spray tan is washed off.

How often can I get a spray tan?

As often as you like! spray tanning is done on a weekly basis to keep you glowing all year round.