Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial Perth

Your journey towards clear skin starts here. Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial Perth includes Pore softening techniques, extractions, and anti-bacterial actives work together to clear and calm congested breakout-prone skin.

Target all types of acne with Dermalogica’s thorough and clearing PRO Clear professional skin treatment. Whether skin is congested with blackheads or experiencing active breakouts, PRO Clear is the answer. This treatment will help decongest, reduce inflammation, whilst addressing post-breakout hyperpigmentation using professional-grade actives and skin-soothing techniques, leaving skin balanced, hydrated, calmed and clear.

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Benefits of Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial

  • Decongest – Decongest your skin for healthier and clearer looking skin
  • Reduce Irritation – Effectively reduces the appearance of irritation
  • Target Hyperpigmentation – Target secondary concerns of acne such as hyperpigmentation
  • Can Be Performed Regularly – Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial can be performed as little as 2-3 days apart.
  • No Down Time – This is a no downtime treatment which means you will not have any increased redness or sensitivity from the facial.

Dermalogica Facial

Dermalogica Pro Clear Treatment

Acne is often associated with oily skin or simply clogged pores, but any skin type can experience breakouts, and research shows that adult acne is on the rise. It can range from small patches of red skin with tiny bumps to large, painful, pustules and scarring cysts. Acne isn’t one size fits all and neither are the treatments. That’s why PRO Clear is the perfect comprehensive treatment that works to help clear breakouts, as it’s completely tailored to meet your unique experience of acne.

There are three main acne related concerns your skin therapist will look for to help determine the course of your treatment, these are:

  • Congestion, comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), uneven skin texture and the odd breakout
  • PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Inflamed pustular acne

Dermalogica Treatments Perth

Skincare Consultation Perth

Dermalogica Consultation

This treatment starts with a professional skin therapist assessing acne causes and triggers and evaluating the type of breakouts you have to then create a bespoke, personalised treatment that will help to clear and brighten your skin.

Dermalogica Pro Clear Perth

phase 1: skin softening

Starts with a double cleanse, using specific actives to treat your skin’s concerns and power exfoliation to soften the skin.

Dermalogica Facial cleansing Perth

phase 2: clearing

If tolerated by your skin, this is usually followed by clearing extractions or LED light Therapy with professional serums and masques.

Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial

phase 3: calm + treat

Phase 3 finishes with product layering to protect your skin post-treatment followed by a lymphatic clearing massage to promote both relaxation and skin clearing and brightening post treatment. It’s important to remember that acne isn’t solved after one treatment; it’s a complex skin disorder that needs expert advice and guidance, combined with proper home care.

Add On LED to Dermalogica Facial Perth

Added On A LED Treatment To Your Dermalogica Facial

Make it the ultimate facial by adding on a LED treatment at the end of your Dermalogica treatment.

Treatment Add-Ons

Prices are subject to change, for current prices and bookings please book now.

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EPI Nouvelle Mask

Great for severe skin concerns


LED Light Therapy

A great add-on for any treatment


Jelly/ Alga Mask

Choose from over 5 different types of jelly mask


Unsure what you need? Book a skin consultation and we will tailor a personalised custom treatment based on your skin needs.

We offer a complimentary skin consultation with all skincare purchases or skin treatments. Our advanced digital imaging system shows skin concerns in a different light and is the ONLY way to correctly diagnose what your skin needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial Suitable For?

The Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial is for acne prone and congested skin.

How long does the Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial take?

The Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial lasts for approximately 50 minutes.

What Add Ons do you recommend with the Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial?

We highly recommend adding on LED to any facial treatment.

Where can I get a Dermalogica Pro Clear Facial in Perth?

Bare Skin and Beauty is located in Ellenbrook shopping centre in Perth. We carry out all treatments in your own private room away from the crowded shops.

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