Henna Eyebrows and Tinting Ellenbrook

Henna eyebrows and Tinting in Ellenbrook, both Henna and tinting are great ways to achieve a bold and beautiful look.

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Henna & Tinting Benefits

  • Fuller Eyebrows – Both Eyebrow Waxing and Henna Brows will give you more fuller brows and enhance their volume
  • Darker Brows – Darker and bolder brows making your eyes looking bigger
  • Easier Makeup Application – Save time and money applying makeup
  • Henna Look – Henna will give you a look that tinting cannot achieve by making your eyebrows a lot more enhanced and filling in more gaps than tinting

Tinting & Henna Staining Your Brows

Amazing Bolder and more defined brows can be achieved with Henna and Eyebrow tinting. Having the most amazing brows on the block starts by visiting Bare Skin and Beauty Salon in Ellenbrook.

Different Styles Of Eyebrows

Henna Brows

Henna brows are a darker, bolder and generally longer lasting option to tint. If your looking to put the wow in your brow then Henna or Hybrid dye is the best option for you.

Tinted Brows

Tinted eyebrows is the traditional treatment where a tint is applied to your eyebrows. It generally isnt as dark as Henna or Dyed brows but offers a natural look.

Hybrid Dyed Brows

This is the latest eyebrow treatment which involves a an innovative dye applied to your eyebrows. It is designed to achieve rich pigmented brows and longer lasting results. Like Henna brows it lasts longer than tinting and the depth of Henna but with the ease of application of tinting.

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Wax, Trim & Henna Stain


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